The Creative Industry in Amsterdam

This visualization shows some clusters of the Creative Industry in Amsterdam. The visualization was created for the Amsterdam Creative Industries Center of Expertise which just launched.


The Center of Expertise within the Amsterdam metropolitan area is the place for applied research, knowledge and specialized education for students and researchers in the field of creative industries and ICT and particularly aimed at responding to social issues. The Centre of Expertise creates synergy that nurtures talent and renowned experts provides the means to achieve their optimal research in close collaboration with industry and government. The Center of Expertise is an initiative of Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and Hogeschool Inholland.

Visualization shown at the launch event at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam


The goal of the visualization is to get a sense of the Creative Industry in Amsterdam. Four cluster areas have been identified that have many well-known companies and educational institutions in the Creative Industry. The visualization is a simplified 3D representation of Amsterdam, whereas the buildings that are part of the clusters are marked red. The visualization is fully interactive, real-time and runs in the browser. The user can select any of the four cluster areas which will reposition the camera to look at the selected cluster. A demo mode continuously repositions the camera randomly.

Check out the live visualization.


The geometry of the buildings is based on freely available GIS data. The height of the buildings is based on another freely available file containing mininum, maximum and average heights of buildings in The Netherlands.

Currently the visualization is not hosted on a website of Amsterdam Creative Industries, as this visualization will become a part of a larger concept.

The project is built using Threejs and D3 and requires a modern browser that supports WebGL.