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Starting at the end of the summer of 2015 I will offer a 1-day in-company training about the Fundamentals of Data Visualization. This training does not require any programming skills, and the techniques and concepts you'll learn are applicable in any situation where you need to communicate information effectively and in a creative way. Provide your email address below to receive more information about the training when it becomes available.

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Jan Willem Tulp

Hi, my name is Jan Willem Tulp. I am a data experience designer and I create data visualizations.

I have helped organizations like Scientific American, Popular Science and University of Bath communicate scientific research to a broad audience using data visualization.

I have helped organizations like Philips, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Markplaats find and communicate insights in data by creating lightweight custom visual analysis tools so they had a better understanding of their data within their organization.

I have helped organizations like Unicef, Unesco, World Economic Forum and Gavi communicate important messages to the general public using data visualization.

I have helped organizations like Nielsen and Hogeschool van Amsterdam to create visualizations for creative and aesthetic expressions.

I have had the honor to be a judge for visualization contests, such as Malofiej (Spain), National Science Foundation (USA) and Visualizing.org (USA).

I have shared my knowledge and showed my work by speaking at conferences, such as Visualizing Knowledge (Finland), Visualized (USA), Malofiej (Spain), Big Data for Media (UK) and Infographics Congres (The Netherlands).

My work has been exhibited at venues like Foosaner Art Museum (USA), Ars Electronica (Austria) and Graphic Design Museum Groningen (The Netherlands).

My work has appeared in books, such as The Functional Art (Alberto Cairo), Design for Information (Isabel Mireilles), New Challenges for Data Design (David Behanic) and Best American Infographics 2013 (Gareth Cook).

I have had the honor to collaborate with world class data visualizers, such as Moritz Stefaner and Interactive Things.

I share my thoughts on Twitter and collect images that I find beautiful on Pinterest.