My passion is to work at the intersection of design and technology


Hi, my name is Jan Willem Tulp, and I create data visualizations.

With a B.Sc. in Interaction Design, a good sense for aesthetics and a solid foundation in programming, I am able to work at the intersection of technology and design. I am based in The Hague, The Netherlands.


Today there’s a massive growth in availability, size and complexity of data sets: government data, corporate data, social media data, real-time data, etc. Data visualization can help communicate and understand these growing amounts of data. Data visualizations are used for various reasons, some of which are:

  • Marketing: creating extra exposure by doing something cool with data, or communicate a message visually based on data, for example: Amsterdam Campus (Amsterdam Creative Industries)
  • Explaining complex matters: complex matters based on data can be communicated much more effectively and in a more enganging way if it is made visual, for example: Planets Everywhere (Scientific American)
  • Visual analysis: a custom tool to visually explore data, usually internally in an organization, for example: Tax Free Retail Analysis Tool (Schiphol Amsterdam Airport)
  • Purely aesthetics: sometimes a data visualization is simply beautiful, and can be used as an artistic piece or for a corporate identity, for example: Identity Design (Nielsen)

I write software to create data visualizations based on abstract data. These visualization do not just provide insight, but are well crafted and beautifully designed. Data visualizations can be static or interactive, and can be delivered on the web in a browser, as a stand-alone desktop application, in print, as a projection, an interactive installation and more.